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"CA Series"  Commercial Adjustable DuraGrader      601.799.6300

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Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge

High Carbon Replaceable Cutting Edges on all DuraGraders can be purchased at your local Caterpillar Dealer. 

DuraGrader Sales

23319 Benville Road 

Picayune, MS. 39466

PH# 601.799.6300

  • Our CA Series Grader is the most effective unpaved road grader in the industry. Our patented adjustable blades are simple to operate and can be adjusted by removing 2 bolts This adjustment  is crucial for being able to transfer material when serious shaping  such as crowning of roads is necessary. The Blades can be moved to the straightened position for everyday maintenance of any unpaved level surfaces such as parking lots when no material displacement is needed.  
  • At nearly twice the weight of other graders on the market today, the "CA Series" Grader provides the ability to cut even the hardest packed surfaces while still delivering the freshly graded and smooth results you are looking for.
  • The Wear Skids located on each side panel are constructed of heavy duty 1-3/4 Inch solid steel for long lasting operation before needing maintenance, and the skids are removable for rotation and replacement.
  • The "CA Series is ideal for grading parking lots, lanes, roads, levees, and other unpaved surfaces due to its unique adjustable twin blade flow through design which allows you to cut through and smoothly grade any type of unpaved surface quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly without the need for specialized operators.
  • The "CA Series" grader operates at a fraction of the cost per hour than an expensive motorized grader because of its ability to cut hard packed roads while transferring and leveling material with precision control while eliminating the need of specialized operators and equipment.
  • All DuraGraders are available in colors  yellow, orange,or black.