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"SSHA Series" Hydraulic Adjustable Skid Steer DuraGrader 601.799.6300

Buy Now Before Sale Ends!

Sorry I don't have a video of the SSHA up at the moment., But below is a video on the SSF Series DuraGrader. I hope to have a video up soon. 

DuraGrader Sales

23319 Benville Road 


PH# 601.799.6300

  •  Rugged tubular frame design
  • Preformed Side Pans for better flow through performance
  • Wear skids are rotatable and replaceable, and skids are constructed out of  1-3/4" x 2-1/2" solid steel for hours and hours of maintenance free performance.
  • Bolt-on Scarifier brackets are also an add-on feature for the "SSHA Series" and will give you the added ripping power in the hardest packed of surfaces.
  • "SSHA Series" Blades can be hydraulically  adjusted into various positions to fit many different applications for different jobs and material types.
  • SSHA Series" has a total of 4 High Carbon cutting edges to allow for grading in both directions. 
  • Replacement cutting edges can be purchased from most local Caterpillar dealers.
  • All DuraGraders are available in colors  yellow, orange,or black.